History of the 24th

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"Few regiments have such a varied and exciting story to tell.  Taken part in every major campaign and war, winning high praise where ever it has been.  One of the most outstanding and best known Regiments in the British Army."   - Stuart Asquith

Birth of A Regiment:

Sir Edward Dering was commissioned to raise a regiment of Foot.  The first muster  took place 28th March 1689  of about 900 men and in August they embarked for it first campaign. They served through out three years in Ireland which ended with the fall of Limerick and the withdrawal of the French in August 1692.

Blenheim (1704):

The 24th, or Marlborough's Regiment, were posted to Brigadier General Archibald Row's Brigade.  At 12:30 p.m. Marlborough gave the order to advance.  Row's five battalions, with the 24th on the right of the line advanced.  The Brigadier had given strict orders that there should be no halting to fire until he himself struck the palisades with his sword.   About a 100 paces from the breastworks a heavy musket fire depleted the ranks but the living pressed on. As the Brigadier touched the tip of his sword on the works he fell mortally wounded.  The men fired a volley and then rushed themselves on the defenses with bayonets and swords.  Because of the superiority of strength and the advantages of their position the Brigade was forced to retire.

The 24th and what was left of the Brigade plus reinforcement they made another assault.  This time made some of the defenders fall back but they where overwhelmed by the fire of the 27 battalions and they could not push on or defend their position so they withdrew.  A changed of plans when the French diverted 7 battalions from the center to reinforce the their right flank, now the strength of the garrison  rose to 12,000 men.  The British surrounded them and trapped the 27 French battalions was a significant contribution to their defeat.

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