History of the 24th

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Warburg (1760):

 Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, commanding the Allied Army, called for British reinforcements, and accordingly where sent.  Prime Minister Pitt described it this way "six of our best battalions", including the 24th.

At the Battle of Warburg where some 30,000 French  was routed.  Today it is known as a cavalry action but the foot soldiers played a large roll in the early stages of the battles.  The Grenadier Companies, including those of the 24th, put a wide flanking movement which resulted in a 4 hour struggle of fire and movement, while the battalion companies were heavily engaged in the centre and on other flanks.  The 24th losses were relatively light for the actions they were in, 1 officer,  7 soldiers killed and 124 wounded.

Irish Establishment (1769-April 1776):

Observations on His Majesty's 24th Foot 1772

Officers: Salute well, made a good appearance, Uniform agreeable to the King's regulations.

Non-comm.: Made a good appearance.

Drummers & Fifers: Beat and played well

Men: Young and well made, clean under arms, steady and attentive, hats well cocked, spatter dashes according to regulation.

Clothing: In good order and according to the King's regulations.

Arms & Accoutrements: Clean and in good order.

Recruits: 45 enlisted since last review.

Complaints: None

Non Efft. Acct.: Properly setteled to 24th June 1771.

Orderly books: Properly kept.

Manual Exercise: Well performed and according to King's regulations.

Maneuvers: Marched by Grand Divisions-March by Company's- Form the Battalion- 2 rounds by Companies from flanks to the center- 2 round by Grand  Division from center to the flanks-once by wings- a volley- march to the front slow time- march to the front quick time-march to the rear quick time-form a column from the center by Grand Divisions-prepare to attack-charge bayonets quick time-pass the defile-form battn. and fix 2 rounds by Companies-volley oblique to the flanks- repass the defile by relaxing from the flanks-form the square-2 rounds in the square by firings-form the battn.,-2 rounds to the rear by Grand Divisions oblique from the center to the flank-Indian files- form Battn. at which an irregular fire is begun,-retreat from the left by Grand Divisions-form the poaneo-2 rounds by companies-form Battn. to the left and fire a volley-changed front-fire in 2 lines retreating-volley.

Genl. Remarks: This Regiment made a very good appearance and fired well and is very fit for service.
   - Blayney, Lt. Genl.

Country of the men of the 24th 1772

English-320, Scotch-21, Irish-54, Foreign-5

Ages of the men of the 24th 1772

45y-7, 40y-36, 35y-48, 30y-76, 25y-73, 20y-109, 18y-51

Service of the men of 24th 1772

30y-2, 25y-3, 20y-11, 15y-91, 10y-78, 8y-5, 7y-4, 6y-15, 5y-9, 4y-3, 3y-57, 2y-65, 1y-57

"The Campaign ended in disaster, but the 24th have no reason to be anything but proud of the part they played in it by showing the true soldierly qualities of hard marching, initiative, self-reliance and good discipline."  - Stuart Asquith

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